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Beeswax Productions produces independent, hand crafted, live action movies. Everybody has a story to tell and Beeswax likes nothing more than figuring out how to tell it. We specialize in mutli-media productions that are rooted in truth– whether scripted fiction or short form documentary.

Who We Are:

Kenton Jakub has developed a nuanced sense of timing and storytelling through many years working on feature films.  He specializes in combining techniques to achieve visually interesting yet authentic multimedia films. With a strong background in photography and documentary film, he brings the highest levels of professional sound recording and editing to our projects. Kenton has an established career in motion picture post production. Some highlights include: Life of Pi, True Grit, A Serious Man, Marley & Me, Hot Rod, No Country For Old Men,  Ice Age, Fargo, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Brokeback Mountain…(the full list if you need it).

Shelley Latham has a performance background that makes her a sensitive and effective director of actors and non-actors alike. Years of project development, script writing, and online marketing and distribution give her a keen awareness of when and how video can be used to tell compelling stories and most importantly, reach the right audience.