Recess Stories: Season One

Can boys join the Kangaroo Club?  What happens when a bunch of pink things go missing?  If recess is only 20 minutes long, is being on the Wall for 15 a life sentence?  Let’s face it, recess is the most important part of the school day.  Ask any kid.  Recess Stories is an original live-action web series for kids about life on the playground.  One of the first web series produced for school aged kids, each fictional episode is a complete story based on real events.

Beeswax Productions produced 13 episodes in Season One, with a rotating cast of 40 kids.  We were responsible for concept, research, script, production, editing, music,  and online distribution.

Recess Stories was launched in Spring 2011 and can be seen at, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, AmebaTV, Kidobi, and BatteryPop.  Recipient of an !magination Kids Media award.